input validation by extended property

input validation by extended property


Read articles and posts about input validation and know there are several ways to do that.
I tried (input widget) setting extended properties this way:


It isn't working though. Does this mean this approach will not work at all?

Regards, Harry
Extended properties are used to inject attributes in the html of the corresponding widget, so they are not used for validations.
To do validations, you must have a button or a link associated with a Screen Action, and set the Valid and ValidationMessage runtime properties of the widgets using the Assign tool. Usually, all those widgets have the Parent Edit Record property set, and because of that you just need to query EditRecord1.Valid to know if all the widgets are valid. Check the Validate Form Inputs tutorial for an example. Check also the several options for the Validation property of the button widget (

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Gustavo Guerra

I created a screen shot with a pratical example, in this case i exemplify how to validate an Email, the procedure shoud be the same for any other field.

Hope it helps.