[Ultimate PDF] Main content merging with Footer and Header
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I am using Table Records in the main content of PrintLayout but somehow when there are more than 50 rows of data returned. The content overlaps with Footer and Header of the next page.

I think it is a css issue but I cannot resolve. Please help.


Hello @Benjamin Kong,

I have been unable to reproduce the issue by just having greater than 50 records in the dataset. So there must be other factors at play. Is it possible for you to share an oml to analyze?



Do you have header and footer?

Yes I have header and footer in my scenario. As long as I have just a few columns with values displayed inside the cells in a single line, then all's well.

As soon as I add additional columns with long values to display for e.g. an email where the value wraps around over multiple lines, that's when I am also noticing the Headers and Footers moving out of place on each subsequent page. So though I have reproduced the issue, I do not have a solution to offer yet.

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