Question about how good OutSystems run on MacOs


I'm very new to OutSystems. So far I'm still doing the free courses on my windows pc. I am however wondering how the experience is on a Mac with OutSystems. Does it run just as smooth? Do I get everything that the PC version has, or are there some things that don't work yet on Mac (for Outsystems)?

I January I'm beginning my internship at a company that use OutSystems and I want to come as much prepared as possible. I'd be so happy if I could use my Macbook Air (m1 chip) instead of a pc.

thank you!


Hi Steven,

In this documentation page Features currently unavailable - OutSystems, there is a list of the features not available yet in the MacOs version

  • Developing Traditional Web apps isn't possible yet.
  • The rendering of outlines that show up when you are dropping widgets into tight places isn't available yet. Hint: if you encounter issues, use the Widget Tree.
  • In the UI main editor, the toggles for some widgets (for example, List or Table widgets) don't have the final experience.
  • Context menus icons, display and styling are still under development.
  • The following features of the flow editor for actions, processes, and UI flows aren't available yet:
    • Zoom.
    • Export to an Image.
  • Configuring apps with multi-language isn't possible yet.
  • Integrations: Consuming SOAP web services and SAP Remote Functions isn't supported.
  • Interactive tutorials aren't available yet.



From my experience the mac os version as some problems.

The debug mobile/react applications on chrome cause fatal errors that result in app crash.

This is the worst one but there are some minor bugs on mac version.

Thank you for answering. It looks like I will stick with my windows laptop for now.

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