[Advanced Excel] Image Insert not using the correct coordinates
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Hi Team,

I am using the image insert feature and that action is not taking in consideration the given coordinates. It's basically adding 1 position for column and row.

I know that this problem was already reported here back in 2020, i noticed that one on the Under Development version was supposed to correct this but i have tried with the latest Under Development version and it still doesn't work as expected.

Do you Guys have an estimation for having this issue solved?

Even am facing a similar issue, the coordinates are not on point at my end too even with the latest version. Do let me know if you get any solutions elsewhere!

Hi Guys,

Any news regarding this issue?


Hello, were you able to resolve this? I am having the same issue



I was able to identify the bug in the code. Just need to find some time to fix it.


We are facing the same issue regarding image positioning.

@Hanno when do you expect the issue to be fixed?


Hey Rob

I've been pretty swamped at work recently. Let me see if I can squeeze out some time this weekend to address a few of the open issues, including this one.


Hey Hanno, if it's not too much trouble, since you're already altering MssImage_Insert (i assume the problem is the offset of 10px) - and if it doesn't break anything - would it be possible to remove line 709 Util.LogMessage(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(range)); ? Newtonsoft seems to be a problematic library from time to time and due to targeting issues we get an error every time we call Image_Insert because of it.



Hi All

The issue is resolved in the latest version.


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