Insert code and appear corresponding description

Insert code and appear corresponding description

I'm new in Outsystems and i need your help.
I can insert a code in one input box (code) and have the corresponding name appearing in another input box (description).
How can i do?
I'm not able to do.


Yes you can do it, but can you provide more details? 

If i understood correctly you have a text box were you type a code, then you click a button and a Name related with that code will appear on another text box.
If that’s the case, then you need to add an action to that button, that action will have a query to retrieve the Name related to the Code, and then you assign the Name to the respective variable and do an Ajax refresh.

I hope this helps, if id doesn’t please post more information

I can type a code and another text box appear a "Name", without using a button.
I have an action but is not working. I shouldn't be doing correctly.
I hope you can help me :)

Many thanks

I made a very quick example showing you how to do it, i had no time to test it so i hope it works ok :)

This is a very simple example using the UserMaster table, you have a Code text Field and a Username text field. After you write a code on the code text field a call to the GetUserNameByCode action will be done, if there is any user on the database with the code you wrote, then it will automaticaly show on the UserName text field. Check the images below.

The screen

The action


It works :)
Thank you very much. 
You are welcome, im glad it worked :)
I need help again...
When I add a new parameter code or description give me error.
I need repeat parameter code and description like a table to introduce different values.


It is possible?