[OfficeUtils] Binary input to set table
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In the set table server action, it requests a “binary” as input. And the help hint says it’s supposed to be binary for the table. Now if I have an aggregate, and I want to display that in the excel (including headers), then how do I pass that as a “binary” to this action? Note I don’t want it to be an image because I want the user to be able to sort and filter the aggregate in excel.


Hi Nitin,

Have you taken a look to the component demo? It shows how you have to use the built-in function RecordListToExcel and use the output of this action as the input of the Excel_Export_SetTable function:

Kind Regards,

Thank you so much João! I will give this a try! 

João, this worked beautifully! Thank you so much! This component is amazing!

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