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[November] Updates on OutSystems Documentation and Online Training

Hello everyone!

We, your Technical Knowledge team at OutSystems, are eager to improve our documentation and training to better enable you.

We regularly gather information from several sources on how each page is being used and its overall score, based on your invaluable "thumbs up/down" feedback.

Not only that, but we also take note of the written feedback we get from the Community. After gathering this information, we perform our own investigation to determine what we can do to make these pages more useful. Our goal is to help you find the information you need quickly so you can get back to creating awesome apps.

Here are the latest updates:

Setting up the platform

We’ve  updated the OutSystems network requirements documentation so that it now includes a Development Tools section outlining the necessary connectivity between the developers workstations and the several endpoints that support the full experience of Service Studio and Integration Studio. 

Updates in the platform

We’ve updated the Refresh a REST web service document to reflect changes made to the interface when refreshing a REST API.

Sharing knowledge with the community

We’ve updated the Avoid expand inline parameters for dynamic values best practice with better guidance on how you can implement common use cases without enabling the property. 

We’ve also added new information to  Extensibility Configurations JSON Schema about preferences you can use when developing your mobile app. We also restructured content to improve the navigation, and added links to important related topics.

A new example on how to use the LifeTime API to perform common tasks, like how to rollback a mobile app to a previous version was added to the existing documentation.

And finally, did you know you can use hyperlinks in the text of comments? More details in Comment.

Better architecture in your applications

Silently but steadily, we’ve been updating the Architecting Sustainable Apps guided path. Currently you can find the Designing Apps Using an Architecture Framework and the Validating an Architecture courses with revised, up to date content, that cover the best practices when dealing with your application architectures.

If you have more feedback about the updated content, feel free to create a post in this thread, or leave feedback on the corresponding page, or you can send the feedback directly to us at We would love to hear from you! Stay tuned for more . . .

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