Integrating other payment gateway like Mastercard

I want to extend the ecommerce app demo backoffice  for 6.0 by adding an additional optional payment gateway so that registered users would have multiple options for payment.Please any pointers on how to achieve this would be appreciated or would it boil down to creating a component for it from the scratch.Thanks

In most cases your 3rd party credit card gateway would offer a webservice that you can use to connect to their creditcard gateway and process payments, in this case you can connect to the 3rd party gateway by creating an extension.

Write you code in C# to consume the gateway web service, then publish the extension.

Once the extension is published, you can use the extension actions in your eCommerce application.

Note: Actions are what is known as methods in C#.

hope that helps.
Keep in mind that you don't need an integration for each CC provider, you just need one integration to one gateway, and they handle the different types. For examples, see the PayPal component ( or my component for the First Data Merchant Services gateway (

In fact, if your only concern is supporting Mastercard, I believe the Paypal integration, which is built in to the eCommerce app, already supports it.

Thanks everyone for your contributions,but i will try out justin's idea because its similar to what i want to achieve that is,integrating a local 3rd party payment gateway for internal transactions not for international transactions that is the reason why i wouldnt use the paypal component.Anyways i have downloaded the component(payment gateway api)published by justin and have found it really helpfull,thanks.