Add role without using the Grant

Add role without using the Grant

The Grant<Name>Role function what does this do in the background? When it is executed, does it simply create a record in User_Role with the corresponding Id's and thats it?

Therefore does that mean you can grant a user a role simply by creating a record in the User_Role table with the required Id's without using the Grant<name>Role function?

That is correct, at least in 5.1. I do this on occasion the time for development purposes. A user may need to log out/log back in to get the new rights though, it seems as if the session caches them unless modified the right way via the action. This may have all changed in 6.0, though.


Outsystems seems to have kept it the same as before, permissions was renamed to roles, so basically most things works fairly much the same as it did before.

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