Changing a color of menu bar in one enviroment (quality).
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I have a pretty basic app. I have a menu at the top of my app and the color of that menu and all the dropdown menus is blue. I would like to change it in one of the environments (testing) to green.

Currently my styles are coming from classes in London and Application themes.

My idea was to use a site property for instance: MenuGreen (boolean) and set it up to true only in quality environment where I want to use the different color. It is just an idea, I still don't know what would be the best way to implement it.

I would be grateful for some ideas and help with this issue.



Hi Kamila,

I agree with you, using a site property would also be my approach.

I would have two classes, one for the green and one for the standard color, and apply the classes according to the site property.

Kind Regards,

Perfect, I am glad you are agreeing with me.

What would be the best way to shuffle those classes though, how would you add it to menu and sub menu items?

I added a new class called .green to the stylesheet of my Webblock, that simply has a color and background color, but when I add it to an element it doesn't override the color that comes from the main themes.

Also, in the property Style Classes (see below) I cannot add a condition to depending on that the value of site property is the class used changes.

Am I doing something wrong? Can you please elaborate?

Thanks - Kamila

Hi Kamila,

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet, so you can define styles in cascade. For instance, you can apply a class to the menu and define that for the submenu entries inside that class, they will adopt a different class value. For instance, let's take a look at this snippet taken from BaseTheme:

It is saying that all links ('a' element) with the class Menu_SubMenuItemActive that are inside an element with class Menu_DropDownPanel will have the primary color.

But you can have define a behaviour to override this:

.Menu_DropDownPanel.mygreenclass a.Menu_SubMenuItemActive {

In this case if the element has both classes Menu_DropDownPanel and mygreenclass, the links with Menu_SubMenuItemActive will have the blue color.

Regarding conditional classes, You can use an expression to define a class using the attributes, like this:


Take into account that the class defined in the Style Classes property will be discarded when you use class as extended property.

Kind Regards,

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