Professional Web Developer OS11 Exam

Hi all,

I am the process of trying to achieve the OS profession web certification. I am doing my own revision based on the learning material online. However, I was wondering if anyone has any additional tips for me??

A couple of people have mentioned the bootcamp, is it worth it? Or is the material online enough?

Thanks, Asha

Hello Asha,

I would say try to do the as much as possible the practical exercise given with online study material. You will learn and understand the logics/concepts in better way when you will implement whatever you are learning in practical. It is always worth to get learnings from someone who can explain and clear our doubts related to any topics. However, it totally depends on your self learnings skills, if you think that you would be able to learn by yourself doing some practical exercise  you do not need to attend the boot camps. Please feel free to ask any other doubts or questions.

All the very best for your examination! Keep learning.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


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