Today while I've been working I keep having Service Studio hang on me so I have to kill it through task manager and restart.  I noticed that memory usages starts out reasonable but keeps climbing.  Is there a way to clear out the memory usage that is being used by service center?

My best bet is closing the espaces and opening them up again.
Not much more you can do about I think.

ofcourse support should be answer this the best,
but my guess it's got to do with some householding, keeping track of undo/redo and the usage of the IE-renderer :)
Hi Rebecca,

Indeed what Joost said is probably the best reply. However, that also happens to me from time to time, and it's a pain. I recommend that anytime you get your system in that state, that you submit the feedback to our support team, directly from Service Studio, with the eSpace attached. That might provide them some insight into what's the problem there. 

I, for instance, always suffer a lot when editing the stylesheets, and changing styles of the widgets...

If you do get to know what the problem is, do let us know.


Paulo Tavares
Hi everyone!

It's not abnormal to see Service Studio's memory climbing as you keep some eSpaces open, etc. The reason for this is that there's usually a tradeoff between the speed of a program and the amount of memory that it uses. ServiceStudio will aim always at an acceptable speed, which sometimes might mean using a fair amount of memory.

That being said, if you have several small eSpaces and you keep opening and closing them and Service Studio's memory keeps going up but never down, that indicates a problem. If that's your case, could you please tell me what version of Service Studio are you using? A lot of work has been done on improving memory consumption in Service Studio 6.0 which hasn't yet been fully backported into the previous releases.

Best regards,

We are still using  We are planning an upgrade to 6.0.  I do know I had 3 espaces open.  In one of the espaces I was working on moving web screens from one flow to another.  I would send feedback through service center but I am unable to when it locks up.  Is there a way to access the log files afterwards?