outsystems architecture blueprint

Hi , i need to prepare the outsystems architecture blueprint, how different teams work, how to do and what software we need to use for designing this


Hi Natarajan,
Maybe this playbook helps you in the right direction on how different teams would work

If you are talking about the application architecture this is a good place to start

Hi Eric

thanks for your solution.

i mean , in outsystems different environments ( developmen, test, prod ) , how teams work in a collaboratively way, that information must be described diagrammatically as blue print, this is my actual requirements, can you please check


You can read these three articles, may help clarify your question and helps you in the right direction.

  1. The Architecture Canvas
  2. From architecture to development
  3. Developing from the architecture blueprint

Best Regards,

Pedro C.

Hi Pedro, 

thanks for your solution,

i am looking for diagrammatically representing different environments and how team work in a collaboratively way as a blue print

thanks pedro

Hi Natarajan S,

In this Article you have the explanation of how team work in a collaboratively way. There you have a diagrammatically examples of how it works and the best practices to follow.

There is also inside this article the whole lifecycle management of outsystems applications (Deployment / monitoring / Configuration  and etc).

Best Regards,

Pedro C.

Hi Pedro,

Ok ,this will surely help me,

 i will now read these articles and check..

thank you so much for your timely help to me..

kind regards


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