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Hello ,

I want to download a file which is stored on my machine, I have a file path example :("C:\Users\mypc\Desktop\test.jpg")

I want to download this file on a button click,

Further what I have to do next is to download the same while from the path, which is stored on another machine.

Please let me know how to achieve this in Traditional web.

I have to implement both functionality.



Hi Tousif,

Did you already search the OutSystems forum and the OutSystems documentation on how to do this, as this is discussed and documented already. Furthermore, there are components and samples in the OutSystems Forge.



Yes I have checked it. But cant help.


Why not? What did you try, what went wrong. Can you share what you have done so far, what errors you get?

I have used File read Binary  action from FileSystem  extension , 


You write you want to download. Downloading in OutSystems means something that is on the OutSystems server or a file server that OutSystems has access too. Then the download will give you the binary that can be stored locally on your computer drive.

In your screenshot, you try to read a file from your local c: drive. Unless OutSystems runs on your computer too (which it doesn't) there is no way OutSystems will be able to connect to your computer to access that file.

It also makes me think you don't want to download, but you want to upload, from your local drive to outSystems. In that case you can use the Upload widget

I think there is a confusion here, What I am trying to say here is ,

I have a file on my system (on my local machine) , I dont want to upload it to outsystems server,

I directly want a excess to a file that is stored on my local machine , via a file path that I have given in example .


Tousif Khan

As Daniël Kuhlmann pointed out earlier, your application is running on a server and not on your local machine. And there for the server cannot access the file on your machine.

You will need to upload the file first to the server in order to be able to access it and download it.

Regarding your use case, it would only be possible if the file where in a Fileshare (network location) accessible by the Outsystems Server.

How can i accessible the fileshare by the Outsystems Server ?


Hello Sebastian.

You can use the FileSystem as mentioned above. Keep in mind that it only works fro on-premises instalations. On the cloud you can't read the local folders.

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