get value of nElement in array

get value of nElement in array


I have an array (structure and recordlist based on that). I do a Listappend to fill the array. Fine! But how do I (I want to use that in a condition or concatination) get the value of an arrayelement at a known postition? 

e.g. condition: array[3] = "3"
e.g. assign : i = array[1] + array[5]

Regards, Harry
Hello Harry!

Integer case : ListInteger[0].Integer.Integer+ListInteger[1].Integer.Integer+ListInteger[2].Integer.Integer

Text case :  ListText[0].Text.Text+" "+ListText[1].Text.Text+" "+ListText[2].Text.Text

In my case i concatenate the values of the 3 array positions.

You can look at my test eSpace to check if you have any problem.

I hope it helps!

Best Regards!

Nuno Roxo

Thank you. It's very clear now.

Regards, Harry