[OutSystems Data Grid Sample] Column DateTime Issues
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1. The Column DateTime does not apply the format. I think is related to the base date format (Service Center). On my Service Center I have the format "DD-MM-YYYY", this store and return date like that: "29-11-2021 16:22:00", on the demo probably the env. are using "YYYY-MM-DD". I applied one first format on the data like "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" and work.

If(Datetime <> NullDate(),

2. The sort does not work correctly for the same format. The sort is made based on the text value but must be adapted to use a date time value. Based on the text, 10/01 is upper than 02/02 because 02/02 starts with a 0, so this is a wrong sort for these values.

The previous solution solves this problem.

3. Null date (1900-01-01 00:00:00) will appear, to solve we need to add an extra attribute and fill the value if not null. This can made inside of the component, just adding an extra attribute "Hide Null dates".

The previous solution solves this problem.

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Bruno f. Cantante

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