Previous Version of Community Edition

Previous Version of Community Edition

Hello all.

Is it possible to get a previous version of the Community Edition of the platform? I'm trying to find the lastest 5.1 CE, but can't seem to find a link to download it anywhere.

Best regards,
Hi Pedro,

Well, you still can download the Service Studio and Platform Server 5.1 from our downloads section. The Community Edition, however, is no longer downloadable from our website.

You might find it in other download sites, though, if they still haven't updated it. However, we do recommend using the 6.0 Community Edition.

Is there any specific reason you're trying to use 5.1 instead of 6.0 - one that prevents you from relying on the downloads for 5.1 we currently provide? Do let us know - I'd like to know about it, since that question does come up every now and again.


Paulo Tavares