Invite Friends and Get Free Stuff

Invite Friends and Get Free Stuff

Hi all,

Our community has grown a lot in the past few years, but we still want to reach more and more people. Imagine a world where everyone developed web applications quickly, easily and having fun, and could devote more time to what's important to them. Well, that's what we're trying to do - and that's why we need your help!

Today we're launching a new referral program, and you can access it in the "Invite Friends and Get Free Stuff" link on top - right under the new Community tab, next to the Forums link.

How does it work?

Well, each user has a personal URL which they can use to share with others. For each new person that visits his URL, and for each new person that downloads and tries the Agile Platform in the cloud, you'll get points. These points will get you some cool stuff.

For starters, when you reach a certain number of points (for now, it's 100), you'll get a free t-shirt - it's our way to thank you for helping us increase the community.
Then, each quarter we will give out a free Boot Camp for the person with the most points in that quarter. How cool is that? However, given that we decided to launch this program a few weeks earlier than expected, this first quarter effectively runs until September 31st.
Finally, the person with the most points at the end of the year will have a free trip to Next Step 2012, and you'll get to come over to our offices, see how the team behind the Agile Platform works, and have a good time. I hope this helps make up your mind :)

Throughout the process, we shall consider other rewards, evaluate if suddenly someone happens to jump to the top inexplicably, or if some other glitch in the matrix happens, and act accordingly.

We hope you have a great time!


Paulo Tavares

Hey Hey.... I want that free trip to Next Step 2012 :) click on mine invitation

Haha :D

I think you might be taking this way too seriously :)

Good to see some activity there! Keep it up.
Just found the agilenetwork myself via a referral. Can't wait to qualify for the Tshirt.
Hi Jeremy,

Welcome aboard - and we hope you have fun here and using the Agile Platform. We are a friendly bunch!

Who was the referral, if I may ask?


Paulo Tavares
will it be a signed t-shirts with your signatures? :)
Actually, given that you already have the t-shirt we were going to give, we can think of something like that, if you'd like ;)
My 11 year old programming genious son Jonathan. He will be my mentor in the Academy.
Hey... it is not fair! September has only 30 days! :)
Oh my... You got us - we were trying to trick everyone, and make this quarter never end ;)

I guess it's one less day then, for everyone. September 30th it is!

Cheers ;)

Paulo Tavares
Ok this kinda interesting, but when i joined it says that I can Get Free Online Training and Certification. Free? Really? How? Paulo pls explain what it means by that, I'm very interested to hear about that.
You will find all the training / certification details here:

Yes it is free!

This is great news... I wanted to join. I'm hoping for new rewards to come.
Something like Ipods, laptops, tv .... joke... anyways how will we know we won? :)
Cool, 44 points from getting the free t-shirt... 

Try Agile Platform 6.0 Community Ed
ition here ;-)

Yes! i'll get a free t-shirt!
Free shirts? count me in...
"For starters, when you reach a certain number of points (for now, it's 100), you'll get a free t-shirt - it's our way to thank you for helping us increase the community."

Hi Matthias,

Wow - I can't go away on vacations, and there you go getting a free t-shirt!

Since I just got back from vacations, I'm still playing catch-up with all the stuff in the forums, but I'll get back to you soon ;)


@Daniel: sorry for not replying sooner, but I was on vacations. Mark's answer is the one I would have given you as well!


Paulo Tavares
cool t-shirt isn't it? :D

The LeaderBoard is resetted? Think there is a first-quarter-bug :D
Well, we already gave you a t-shirt, so now we want you to get a second one :)

It might be a first quarter bug indeed - will let the guys know about it.

It's a cool t-shirt indeed - now I hope you get to wear it ;)


Paulo Tavares
When do I get my t-Shirt? :)
We're now in the process of collecting the info from all last quarter's winners to send out the goodies! :)