User: This eSpace has an outdated User Provider

After change User: eSpace: Single Sign-On to "Self", Redeploy Publish Version.

The status change to This eSpace has an outdated User Provider

How can I resolve this status?
Hi Richard,

Are there any references that need to be refreshed in that eSpace?

Try opening the Add/Remove References window and refreshing them all. Maybe that helps.


Paulo Tavares

I have the same problem. how can I open the User espace to to update them? the espace is not listed on my localhost-home screen in the service studio.

Arne -

You do not need to open the Users eSpace, the error means that the eSpace acting as the user provider has been updated since the last time the Epsace with the warning was updated. The solution is to open the eSpace with the warning, do Add/Remove references to update the references, and republish.

Thank you. my problem is yet another. when I start the users application, i get the following error: "'Application Switcher' web block is incompatible with the 'Rich Widgets' eSpace definition Please update it.."
How can I update the reference of the users application in the service center?
You won't be able to do it from within Service Center, you need to open it in Service Studio, and use Add/Remove References to refresh the reference.

Then we come back to my first question. The Users-The application is not listed in the Service Studio.where can I find the application?
Arne -

You can't open it because it is a system eSpace, and you do NOT need to do anything with it. All you need to do, when you get this message, is to go to Add/Remove references, click the "refresh" icon next to any items that come up, and republish. If you continue to see this message, you are doing something wrong or have a somehow broken environment.

If you are getting that message on a regular basis, I bet that you are not using "Users" as your user provider. In the "tree" on the right of the screen, select the eSpace itself at the very top, and there is a dropdown for User Provider.