Hi All,

In my application a user needs to validate data in a human activity. When then the user presses the done button in the taskbox the webscreen should be closed. I added a button to the screen to close the screen via the widget_click action in the on close event in the human activity.
From the on close event I can't navigate to the validation screen. Anyone an idea how to close a webscreen when closing an human activity?

thanx and regards

Stephan Schevers

Hi Stephan,

I was going to suggest , in runtime, attaching an event to the EPA button press, so as to close the screen directly, but the truth is that if you do so, you risk not executing the web request and the server processing that closes the human activity itself.

Do consider that when trying to implement such a solution :)


Paulo Tavares
Hi Paulo,

Thank you for your reply. Considering your comments I'll go with the "ugly" solution by adding a button to the webscreen so the user can close the web screen. Not as pretty wanted but it does the job.


Stephan Schevers