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Hi Friends this is NITHISH U...

Here I have the doubt which is about to how to "imprimir" (print) only the data but not the whole screen...

I tried two differ. methods

  • just use javascript to set "window.print()"
  • use forge component 'simple report  pdf' or 'simple viewer'

But in both the cases i just keep getting full screen to print

for only getting data of a table...guys please any1 help me to how to avoid this issue?



you need to create separate screen only for data after that you can print.

yes brother that's what i did...but after opens a new tab the print screen will open but even then it shows the print of full screen page.....

how can we ignore this?

if u have any idea ....could u plez elaborate little more.

thanks & regards,



Hi Nithiz,

What Rahul means is create a new screen with only the data no other elements (No header, footer, filters, etc).

Alternatively you could try with css.
Add the following to your stylesheet

@media print
    .no-print, .no-print *
        display: none !important;

Then add the 'no-print' class to all elements you don't want printed
(Quick note, in this case Rahul's solution is better)

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