Bits & Bijt v2 - Community meetup in the Netherlands - June 30th

Bits & Bijt v2 - Community meetup in the Netherlands - June 30th

Hi all,

It's been a while since the first Bits & Bijt event, and we're sure you're missing it. We’re missing it too, and that’s why we’re getting ready for the second one.
This time around, it’ll be on June 30th, same time and same place - which means 3PM starts the food and catching up, and then from 4PM to 6PM we'll have the presentations - and this time the topic will be introducing the new Agile Platform 6.0 version, so bring a friend – the more, the merrier! You can register for the event here, so we can make sure we have pizza for everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Paulo Tavares

I'll be one of the presenters.

Any specific requests of things about which you want to know more in 6.0?
Hi Guys,

At the nextstep we've seen some pretty nifty things that version 6 can do.
I'm hoping for the B&Bv2 not to be an exact replica of that.

Considering the b&b to be more of a tech & experience session than a sales talk I'm hoping to see an in-deep perspective of the UI; something in the line of:
- Intro: The main differences of 6 compared to 5
- Dev approach: The 'changed' development approach compared to 5 (e.g. a few best practises you've got with 6; improvements with the UI)
Answering the question "What can the improved UI really do for you and how is it meant to be applied / used?"
- Migration: Since a lot of current customers will need to migrate I'd like to see some examples of 'issues' that are to be expected when migrating from v5 (i.e. The themes changes)
- User management: Enterprise manager kind of seems to get phased out; what is replacing it and how would we need to approach the replacement 

Hope this gives you some context to work with.


- a handout of all the fixes in Service studio :)

- explanation how to work with modules the right way.

- themes are nice, but how to deploy the same app for multiple customers with each a different theme
WHOEHOE (simpson sound-> talking about the pizza :) ).

But Eric and Joost already did 2 of mine suggestion, so there just one left: where to think about developing apps for mobile devices?

Kind regards,

Woohoo! Pizza :)
Great suggestions! (especially the pizza part)

I'll try to make sure we address them all.
@pedro i prefer not to address them all, but pick some and dive really deep into it :)
Hi again!

For those of you who haven't been able to attend, or to those that want to review it, I'm posting here a recording of the session.
I've only made some minor edits to remove some longer Q&A portions which were very hard to follow.

Bits And Bijt v2
from Pedro Oliveira on Vimeo.

All the best,
Thanks! :)
Thank you for sharing this presentaion. It covers all news and it speaks human ;)
It is not migration of Users but rather a band-aid to keep your old 5.x applications running.
If they heavily rely on Enterprise Manager and UserMaster ...

@Pedro: Is it possible to create some kind of real migration away from Enterprise Manager ??
Hi Joop,

This is a process that we don't force due to the deep integration of most applications with enterprise manager database model and the old style guide user interface.

But we might be able to help you in the migration process once we understand the effective use of enterprise manager you want to stop using, and where do you really need help.
Cannot wait to see the movie.
Still gutted I missed the session :)
@Lucio: in the presentation Pedro was talking about "migration" and this was not the case.
I understand the purpose behind the presented approach :-)

But would have been nice to have a real migration story away from Enterprise ...
@Joop: It can't be that hard. I think it comes down to good administration:
You have to change the TenantId in the table [ossys_User] for a start to point at the Users eSpace. If the Permission Areas in Enterprise Manager are set as public and are imported in Users, I think the table [ossys_User_Permission] can remain unchanged.
After all necessary tables have been migrated, you could set the User Provider of Enterprise Manager to Users (if you intend to keep using it).

A little warning from my side: I did NOT test this yet! :)
I also think more tables have to be changed than I mentioned above...
... and then delete references to Enterprise(Mgr) and laugh your socks off :-)
It's not only a matter of repositioning the usertables, it's also the applications refering UserMasterID here and there 
Yeah references are great until they get in your way...