how to save Previous page checkbox data when we click on pagination

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In a table i have check boxes for every row and one  selects all check box which checks and unchecks acc to requirement. How can i store previous page checkbox data once i go too and fro from one page to another page(1 to 2 or 2 to 1 pages) this should happen in pagination as there is list clear action defined ,it is clearing all data. how can i restore only check box data.

pls check the DOC file and let me know how to solve this

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The behaviour that should happen is saving to the database onclick, so what i think you should do when you click on a checkbox is saving to the database the changes you made, in this case the checkbox you clicked.

In this server action you are going to save the changes on the current record

Try now on this link

I will also share an oml that I created as an example.

If this answer is wrong, pls let me know by explaining to me why.

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Hi Márcio 

Thank u so much for ur clear explanation.It helped me to solve my issue.

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