Changing a Entity to a Static type in Production environment

Changing a Entity to a Static type in Production environment

Hi Guys,

I currently have production environment with a normal entity "Color"
Color contains only a few records e.g.:
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
Besides that I have a normal entity called Paint which has a few foreign keys pointing to Color.

Suppose I want to change my Color Entity to a Static type.
What would my approach be considering I don't want the exisiting foreign keys to be dropped since I have about 500 different paint records.

Note; we are running version 6 of the platform.


Hi Martha,

You can right click the entity and convert it to a static entity.
Afterwerds you can right-click on it, select "More..." and in the entity properties window select the Records tab and click the "Import from Database" button.

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago,

Our deploy process is based on the principle that developers may not publish directly to a production server.
For each move (DEV-> TEST -> QA -> PROD) we use a solution package.

What will happen if Martha 'imports'  the table content of the dev server, we create the solution and then publish the given solution using above process.
As far as I know the content of the 'normal' entities can (and in this case will) differ so the ID's will be different (comparing DEV with PROD).

Ergo the deploy will probably collapse based on referential integrity.
Worst case scenario I guess the ID's will be 'swapped' without anyone noticing it until someone that ordered a Blue Van end's up with a pink one.

Some might like that; some might not. :)
If that happens, I'm sure we will mail you a can of paint to fix the issue ASAP :P

However, why not create and import the data from the production environment? Would that be a possibility - and would that solve the problem?


Paulo Tavares
Developers don't have access to the Production servers.
(Company policy)

It definately would be the easiest way though, but we need separation of concern too.