bug? Value change without assigning

bug? Value change without assigning


I encounter a problem: I have an array (recordlist) and when I check the value of an array element (if block in an action) that value of that array element changes! See attached oml; when you enter the value 123 in the first inputbox (and press "Splits") and debug (Logic-Action: BuildWAVeuro) you will see that when you step from the if (at the end of the flow) the array[0] element changes its value from "3" to "0". I'm totaly puzzled, Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Regards, Harry

.. and the extension

Regards, Harry
Hi Harry,

That looks very strange indeed. Could you send that to support@outsystems.com so they can take a deeper look?

Tiago Simões
HI Tiago,

I did send it to support. 

Regards, Harry
You are experiencing a late value display update, this is caused by the value of the array[0] being bound to the the array.curent one and since the current is updated last to the 0 value when accessing the array[0] value for the first time after this change the debuger will change its dysplay value to the real one.

To supress this please try to use a temp varable instead of the array.current value as in the attached eSpace

With best regards,
Renato Gonçalves

Your attached oml made it clear. Maybe it would have helped me in the first place if there was a thorough explanation when to use a temp Record to deal with it in the help file. I find it -as a beginner - not always easy to understand when to use recordlist or entities (I thought that you could use the entities at once, but it seems that you need a var too), or temp vars. The helpfile isn't all to clear about it I think - but again, could be my inexperience :).

Thanks very much for help'n me out.

Regards, Harry