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11.14.0 (Build 33133)

From another one of our web properties, we have implemented a vanity URL that redirects to a Staff Directory application built in OutSystems (Reactive Web). As part of the Google Tag Manager implementation on the linking website, a UTM tag is appended to the URL like:

The resulting page (our OutSystems application) appears as a blank (white) screen though it does seem that the application code / UI is loaded when inspecting via the Chrome Inspector.

While it seems reasonable that the UTM tag is getting parsed as a (non-existent) on-page ID within the OutSystems application, this is typically just ignored by sites built on other platforms. In our case, though, it is making the application unusable when accessed from this link.

There is no way for us to change whether the UTM tag is appended to the URL. Is there any way to either manually or via a setting, enable our OutSystems application to handle it gracefully / ignore it altogether so that the page loads correctly?

Hi Christopher,

I've made some quick tests with some of my personal applications, and I could not reproduce the behavior you described.

Additionally, please find attached a sample OML reproducing an example of my tests.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,

Paulo Moreira

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