How to have more than 1 default button in a page
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Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.13.1 (Build 53655)

Hi All,

I have browsed through the forum but didn't manage to get the idea/suggestion to my issue. My issue is, I have a page with 3 tabs and there is 1 save/search button in each tab (e.g. first tab is form with 1 save button, 2nd and 3rd tab are having a text search input field with a Search button besides tham) but each time I hit enter key to search in 2nd and 3rd tab it will trigger the Save button to save. I tried setting 2nd tab's Search button to default as Yes but 3rd tab's Search button is not gonna respond then. Any idea? Also, the dynamic default button forge is not compactible with my environment..


Hi Junior,

Regarding the forge component, that you say is incompatible. Just try and in stall it, most of the times it are just dependencies that need to be refreshed to make it work again. In this particular case the component is never uploaded with status "stable component". The warning you get is because the status is "Under development"



Its not a real solution but you could move the button outside the tabpages and implement the logic and button text based on the activetabpage.

In that case the default page would always be the same button.

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