Extending Memory??

Extending Memory??

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Im using Opsource Cloud space for a web app. The original storage on the C drive is 50GB. Opsource doesnt allow me to adjust the size of the original C drive, but to add more storage on seperate drives. I can no longer do a 1 click publish as Im getting an error message related to a full C Drive. My question is how can I configure the platform server to access this extra space on my D drive? I am somewhat ignorant of what needs to be done here. Please help!

To be honest I don't think you can do such configuration ( not sure though ) but there are other stuff you can do to free up some space, what is using most space? Is it the database? If so you can easily move it to the other drive. Is it the older versions of your oml's ? You can back them up on your other drive and delete them from the C drive.
Cipriano Teibão
Hi Julius,

Take a look at this post. It might help you reduce the usage of the space on drive C:. 50GB is usually more than enough for the OS and the Agile Platform so maybe you are not cleaning up the ASP.NET.

As Cipriano also explained you can always move the Database to another drive. Last but not least make sure the message that you are getting is not because you are using SQL server express and you have reached the 4GB Limit on the Database.

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you still cannot solve it.


You can use Junction to map one of the main folders under Program FIes\OutSystems\Platform Server - running, share or test - to the D disk, enabling you to balance the disk space usage among drives.

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Gustavo Guerra

Thanks for the advice. I've decided to try to move the database over to the D drive. Cleaning Temp files didn;t do nearly enough to free memory. How do I move the SQL Database over to a new drive succesfully?