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 I have to use a dropdown widget which will have some records to choose. but, if the record not present in the list I can able to write a record in the field. 

Is this possible with any widget?

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Abhinav,

Please refer the below link to know how to type a new value into the dropdown. 


Thanks & Kind Regards,



Hi Abhinav, 

Do you want to temporarily add the record to the dropdown list?
Or do you want to save the new record to the database?

If you want the latter, I currently don't know of a widget that does this for you.
One solution could be adding an "add item" record to your list (you can use the "listInsert" action on the "onafterfetch" of your list query to do this).
Then on selecting this item you could have some logic that opens a popup where you can create the record.

However easier might be to just add a "add record" button next to the dropdown that does the same.

Hello Eric,

Many thanks for the suggestion.

I have also do the same.

Can we get sample OML for this one.


Ajit Kurane.


Hi Ajit,

As we usually do this by having a little "Add" button next to the dropdown I do not have an .Oml to share.

If an "add" button is sufficient you should just follow the standard way of adding records.

If you still want to use the dropdown for that you need a combination of
the ListInsert action on the onAfterfetch
and the onChange of the dropdown

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