Advice on reactive developer exam


I have been studying outsystems for about 7 or 8 months and can create applications easily and know the system pretty well. Unfortunately I am a horrible test taker and have failed the exam 3 times. I am taking it again in 2 days and am super nervous. Does anyone have advice for a bad test taker of how to prep for the exam? I have taken the becoming a reactive dev course 3 times at this point and have made every practice application I can find. Any advice is helpful 

Ps I missed every test by 2 or 3 questions so I’m super close just get really stressed during them and lose focus


Hi John,

  1. Most questions have always 2 possible answers that are wrong, and most of the time they are easy to spot.
  2. Remain 2 possible answers, sometimes both seem plausible, but one is just more plausible
  3. If you cannot figure out the answer quick, mark it and move on to the next to avoid you run out of time and not answer a question
  4. After you ran through all questions, redo the once you marked.
  5. Always read a question twice, watch out for the negative question "which is not correct"
  6. If in doubt I always stick to my first gues

This is how I do it. Hope it helps.



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