Your Favorite OutSystems Moments of 2021?

We're nearing the end of 2021, and your friendly neighborhood Developer Advocacy team is gathering a list of the top announcements, features, and moments of 2021 for a new year's In Case You Missed It recap!

We would love to hear from you! 

What were your favorite new features, announcements, and experiences in OutSystems in 2021? What would you like to see us include in our recap?

Share your favorites and ideas below!


With the help of your input, we've created an In Case You Missed It special edition 2021 Year in Review. Check it out:


For sure the new macOS Service Studio next to the usual suspect; the Neo project :) 

Neo Project!


Hybrid Service Studio, ProjectNeo announcement, OSDC 2021, and all the improvements on Service Studio (for example data edit, dark theme)  and Architecture Dashboard (duplicate code detection). New certifications, a lot of new and update documentation.

Definitely, the looooong waited and desired Service Studio for Mac :-)

Beta version


Service studio for Mac

The Neo Project

Exámenes disponibles en Español 

Good stuff in this thread :-) what about...

  • Emails on Reactive
  • Edit Data
  • SEO friendly URLs in Reactive
  • Datagrid Reactive
  • Integration Builder

This one also has my vote :D

Integration builder, Project Neo are amongst the coolest feature added in this  year.

OSDC 2021....

Memorable event!!

dark theme

Ya... I almost forgot about Dark Theme and OSDC ❤️

The fluidness of Hybrid Service Studio made me happy everyday!

Dark Theme ;-)

eh eh eh! I love memes :-D 

haahhaha Dark No Way home! 

Please don't forget to recap about the OutSystems team's contribution towards different Noble causes through out the year along with all the different technical upgrades...

I wish in advance all the entire community members Merry Christmas and a great new year 2022..

Neo Project!! yaaay!!

I really love the innovation that is happening year after year.

  1. Neo Project
  2. Dark Theme
  3.  New certifications

and #OutSystems #awesome love OutSystems

Memorable event 

OSDC 2021

and Dark theme looks attractive.

Neo project....OSDC 2021.....Great


Most  certainly the return of OSDC and the OSDC TalkShow (however I might be biased with that one) 



The ProjectNeo announcement, OSDC event and my first voucher to certification!

I almost forget: Certification in Portuguese (:

OSDC Event 2021

Integration Builder and free voucher for certification through OSDC

OSDC Event 2021, dark theme update, multilingual support.  Thanks

The Neo Project

1. Neo project 

2. Dark theme 

  1. OSDC Event 2021 
  2. Dark theme


In terms of functionalities:

1. Service Studio Hybrid

2. Emails Reactive

3. SEO for Reactive

4. Integration Builder

In terms of events:



Others but with the same importance:

1. Project NEO

2. Certification exams in Multilanguage

3. Delivery and Front-end Specializations 

OSDC and Free voucher :)

Just started:

1. Courses are design very well

2. Great work


1. Courses available in multiple languages

2. Create spaces for common problem/subject

3. Encouraging new comers 

The OSDC 2021 was amazing!
OutSystems unveiled the next generation platform.
The Project Neo was super cool! It is still an Work In Progress for me!
I appreciate that the our User Groups have a new and better platform.
No more Forge login from ServiceStudio! 
The new pricing on OutSystems exams and the vouchers. I've got one! :-)

All the best to you!

Outsystems Developer Conference 2021

  1. Edit Data
  2. Emails on Reactive
  3. SEO friendly URLs in Reactive
  4. Datagrid Reactive

I am new join in outsystems since 05 Jan 2022.

I learned a lot from Training/guided path.

2018-02-12 17-08-07
G. Andrew Duthie

Check out the update above, with our Year in Review episode of In Case You Missed it!

Thanks for all the great feedback!

Projeto Neo

Tema escuro

Novas certificações

  1. OSDC Event 2021 
  2. Dark theme

Memorable event!!

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