orchestration Layer not useful in outsystems 11
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Hello Team,

Can someone help me to understand why/how orchestration Layer not useful in outsystems 11?

If i have 1 external application running on the external server e.g. Winhost. I want to open/link few of them pages with my outsystems 11 application.

In this case can we say orchestration Layer not useful in outsystems 11?
Kindly help me to understand architecture more better way, with proper elaboration & example


Hi Pradip,

As of OutSystems 11, OutSystems switched to a 3 layer canvas dropping the orchestartion layer.

If you look here
You'll see the orchestration layer marked as *Applicable to versions prior to OutSystems 11

Just a small piece from the article:

The orchestration layer is used in OutSystems 10 for hyperlinks between screens of two different applications. Such links are considered strong dependencies, which compromise each application's lifecycle independence. In OutSystems 11 screen destinations are considered weak references, so an orchestration layer is no longer required, and as such has been removed from the architecture canvas.

Hello Pradip,

Hope you are doing well.

Basically, the idea about the orchestration was to avoid lateral dependencies between screens (imagine when you have a portal that has links for back office and links for your order management system). Now screen references are a weak reference so you don't need that layer anymore because that's no longer an issue (in the example I gave, your portal would be in front-end layer (light blue) referencing (weak reference) to the Backoffice and OrderManagement screens (also in front-end layer).


I hope it helps you.


Ajit kurane.

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