On back button click of chrome, the dropdown data multiples
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Hi All,

I got a weird issue. Like, If I am on a page which have dropdowns in it after loading the page if i click on a link or open new page and click back button of chrome to go back on my page with dropdowns, the data in the dropdown multiples.

I need some kind of guidance on this to how to mitigate this issue. What I am thinking is like we have on initialize action where we have list append in which dropdown data is present. So if that gets called many times the data adds.


Try to use the list clear on the local variable that holds the values before loading or refreshing the aggregate you are consuming, or something you are doing to upload that list. This is just a chance. I already had some episodes of that issue. Maybe you can make it work using that too.

But, if you are refreshing the browser that's weird and I think with a list clear you are not going to solve your issue. That would happen if you were using the refresh data again and again.

Can you please share an OML, if possible?

Kind regards,


Yeah Márcio , 

thought of the same and it worked. Many thanks.

You're welcome.

Glad that I could help you :)



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