[SSE Push Event Hub and Client] SSE Working in traditional Web
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Forge component by Nuno Damaso
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I am trying to call the broadcast action without being a service action from another espace (simple page with a button) different from the espace that contains the rest API. 

Then in a mobile application I have the listener binding to a received message action.

When I click in the button nothing occurs so my question is:

Is this prepared for traditional web instead of reactive?


Component only contains webblock for SSEEventlistener for React/Mobile/PWA 

Hi Filipe, I'll leave what we talked privately here to help others too:

- You say: "(...) without being a service action ", and this was the problem. 

The SSE component needs a HUB to be built and all broadcast communications with the HUB should be done through a Service Action as described in the tutorials and examples.

- "Is this prepared for traditional web instead of reactive? "

If your client app is Mobile/PWA/Reactive, the SSE Lib component is available. 

This has nothing to do with the HUB, that can be traditional or reactive.

I haven't build a client lib for traditional web, it shouldn't be hard, it's just Javascript, maybe on the next release.

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