Endorsement required for the Developer Training completed

Endorsement required for the Developer Training completed

Hi Team,

I had completed the OutSystems training for the Developer Role. So now i need someone to endorse my training and proceed for the certification.
As per OutSystems it should be endorse by the Qualified Professional Developer in the OutSystems. Since i'm the only person has done this training in my orgainization, i need further help from the community to endorse.

Please step forward to endorse the training completed and make me to apply for the certification.

Find the attachment for the acknowledgement training completed status.

Thanks & Regards
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Hi Karthik,

You can get endorsements from people you work with. Since you're working alone, you can apply to an exam by sending an email to training@outsystems.com. You'll have a technical interview and then get endorsed.

Hope it helps,

how will they going to conduct this technical interview?  are we going to pay anything for this certification.

Hi Aarti,

Thanks for your question!

Technical interviews are normally done over Skype or WebEx. You'll have to demonstrate an application developed by you and answer a few questions. It's just like a one on one code review where you get your work reviewed by an OutSystems Expert. 

There is indeed a certification fee of 350 Euros + VAT.

Best Regards,
Hi Mario,
                       really appreciate your quick response. If any of my friend is expert developer. Will he be able to endorse my   skills. and if yes what is the process and charges????
Hi again,

OutSystems actually encourages you to get endorsed by your team members. They must be Professional Developers. For the Associate level, for a limited time, its free.
The interview exists to help people that have been working alone without the chance to work with fellow Professional Developers.

Have you read this document?