Agile Platform: memories of a great platform

Hi guys,

I was just preparing a What's New in 6.0 course that we're going to release soon and while doing the part on new Service Studio desgin I got some great pictures of Service Studio 3.1... Some of you may not even know this version, check it out:

Can you guess when the version 3.1 was released?


The Home Page...

The Action Flow...

It's true! There was a 2.x version!

And my personal favourite... The tutorials!

I know it seems ages since 3.1 was release, but if you think about it, it's amazing how the platform evolved in such a short time.
When I joined OutSystems we were on version 2 something... the difference was even bigger.

A couple of years from now, when we look back at version 6.0 we'll probably have the same feeling! :)
2006, judging by the copyright notice. :)

Pitty you couldn't find the "GA" version (that was the beta version of 1.x, we're talking 2001-2002 here)...

By comparison this version 3.1 is absolutely brimming with funcionality! XD
I think if you released v2 today, some people that has never used the AP before will still be wow'ed by it! :)