SSO with other application (non-Outsystems)


I've been reading this article about Single Sign-On (SSO) across several eSpaces:

t seems easy. But I'm interested in SSO between an eSpace and an External Application (also in ASP.NET).
I need the user to authenticate in another application (non-Oustsystems) and then reuse this authentication in the Outsystems eSpaces.

Does the platform support this requirement? Or Is there anything already done for this, like a component?
If not, I will need to develop this from scratch. Anything I should take in account regarding Outsystems Platform?

Thank you.
I guess I would go for ldap server...
HI Carlos

Before answering your question, 

I would like to clarify the following, Do you want AP user's to login to your application OR do you want your non AP applications to login to your AP application?
The users will authenticate in a non AP application, and then they will access my AP applications with the same credentials but without doing the login.

I will do my own login logic and maybe the best way of doing this is with shared cookies between both platforms.
Have you looked at oath yet?
Not yet. I'll give it a try.