How to Use Undo option in Reactive web App

Hi Team,

If suppose delete anything in reactive web app by using delete button. I want to undo that by using undo button . Is it possible to do that?. Kindly help me to fix the undo button . 

Hi Siva,

I think this can be done by soft delete. Means that you are not completely remove the record, just set IsDeleted = True/False. That's all.



Hello Siva,

Not for record but if you delete any client action, web block , entity, container then with help of (ctrl+z)
will undo the thing for you or else you will get using this

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Akshay Deshpande

Hi Akshay,

Am asking About Undo logic to fix the undo button in my Reactive web app.

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Hi @Siva jeyapal 

If you want to deleted record to be undo when click on undo button then what you have to do is set flag attribute into database entity named as IsActive. When deleted set it to False and capture that record Id into client variable.

when you click on undo button then check for client variable value and then based on that Id update record into backed as IsActive=True.

Hope this will help you.



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