Access control of tableau embedded elements
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I have embedded tableau sheets into my applications as cards in my system. Now, I want to make sure not all the users are able to access all the cards. What is the possible way to do that? Attaching a screenshot of the application.


Hey there

Where you are going to display the tableaus they need to be inside of an element that just displays people with a specific role. Inside of the container you will use the property display to do a condition and to show just to the users that has that specific role.

Another way is to, when you are going to the screen of the tableaus you can by the user which tableaus can he see. In this way you need to save on database on an entity the tableaus that the user can access. For that you will need a static to list the tableaus, and an entity that saves the tableaus and the user who has access to, this entity will have the I'd of the static entity with the tableaus and the I'd of the user entity.

 this you will be able to see which tableaus the user has access. And use that info to filter the tableaus on the screen that the user can see.

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There is no access to do any changes in tableau roles and accesses. And moreover I would love to control it in my app itself. So I will go ahead with the first option. I am still learning the access control part. Now as you might have noticed that I have multiple (tableau) cards to display. So does it mean that for each card I need to create a role and provide access to users through those roles? 

1. Now in my design each tableau link is embedded inside a card.

2. Two cards are embedded inside a two-column container.

3. Such two-column container will hold the card in one-below-another fashion in the main container.

Can you please suggest how shall I approach access control for each card? I am attaching my design details for your reference.


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