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I am doing a Event Management System Project ,I used a form to save all new  booking details with in a Register Form screen and I  already displayed all this details in the check your details screen now i again want to display the same details in one more screen named Booking detail screen .

can Anyone help me to this And I   attached  my OML file Below.

Thanks Regards ,

Mohamed Irfan

EVM 28 12.oml


Hi Mohamed,

If you want to show the same amount of information on multiple screens, you should consider moving those elements and maybe even the aggregate that queries the database to a block. Then reuse the block on the screens. 



Hi Mohamed,

It depends a bit on how you want to handle this. 

`1: User only does this once, after confirmation of booking they cannot look into or change. In this case just pass the right input parameter to the next screen and fetch the data. You will know the input parameter as long as the user is in the same session. 

2. User needs to be able to see details later on and make changes. Create an entity that can store the booking per userId. You can then check for the userId of the logged in user and show all bookings. This will also be the way you can collect the data on the booking details screen.

As Daniel stated, using webblocks is a great idea since they are easily reusable. That way you only have to create the details block once and can use it multiple times.

Hi Mohamed,

I am agree with Daniel, if this is reusable block then you should go with web block .

For a now I had updated you oml with as per description.

I had stored you required data for bookingdetail to show same data as checkyoudetails into client variable and checked for value exist or not.

So by using this you can achieve same but this is not a good practice.

Try to go with web block.



EVM 28 12_updated.oml

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