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Hi All,

I have a table records which is inside record have name and status column.

I want add checkbox in every record with 2 condition.

If role is Staff and status is 1, the Widget will show, else False.

If role is Manager and status not 1, The widget will show, else False

I write query like this

If(CheckStaffRole(UserId:), NameTable.List.Current.NAME.Status = 1, 
If(CheckManagerRole(UserId:), NameTable.List.Current.NAME.Status <> 1, False))

But this query show not expected what i want


Hello Kane,
may be your if condition is wrong,
Can you please try this (two scenario)and check once
let me know its work for you or not

First way :- If(((CheckStaffRole(UserId:) and NameTable.List.Current.NAME.Status = 1) or (CheckManagerRole(UserId:) and NameTable.List.Current.NAME.Status <> 1)),true,false)

Second way :- If((CheckStaffRole(UserId:) and NameTable.List.Current.NAME.Status = 1),true,if(CheckManagerRole(UserId:) and NameTable.List.Current.NAME.Status <> 1,true,false))

Thanks and regards,

Akshay Deshpande


First condition expected but second condition not expected (widget not show even status not 1)


Please check could you logged in with manager role or not. it will be working fine if you looking through manager roles (check that have your correctly checking manager role or not)

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