How to render a web page in Outsystems using Iframe
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I need to render a web page which is developed in .NET (that's already in IFRAME) in iframe in Outsystems, I'm not able to open the web page in Iframe as it's already in an Iframe, can anyone suggest me if there're any other alternatives like using headless browser or any other solutions.

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Can you give us more detail about the error? What really happened when you tried to open the web page? Did you have any kind of error in Service Center or in the browser DevTools?

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Ricardo Pereira


Hope your .net page is already deployed at any server location.

Also try to use html iframe tag and add required attribute for iframe using attribute property.

If still same issue then please brief more so will try to help you.



Hi Sandeep,

Like Ricardo and Yogesh mentioned, it would be helpful if you could supply additional details about your issue, so the community can help you overcome it.

In the meantime, can you please check if the URL of the IFRAME src is http or https? It needs to be https.

But once again, please provide additional details about this issue.

Thank you.

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Paulo Moreira

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