"Create Action to Sync Data (Read/Write)" option is not available

I want to automatically create the read/write functionality of a local entity. When rightclicking the local entity, the only given option is the 'Read only' version as can be seen in the picture.

How can I automatically generate the functionality for the read/write syncing functionality?



Probably that is happened because the entity from the database that is the original one is from other module and is with the property "Expose read only" at Yes.

If you change the value from the original database entity in the property "Expose read only" to No you will have the second option ( read/write ) (Don't forget to publish and refresh dependencies in the mobile module).

NOTE: Evaluate that condition because it's not a common good practice to have entities with the property "Expose read only" with value No.

Hope this can help.

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Ricardo Pereira

This was indeed the solution. Thank you!

I'm glad that helped!

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Ricardo Pereira


Hope you are doing well.

This kind of situation occurred when you are creating local storage entity from existing database entity which static .



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