get a list of objects in an existing eSpace using a SDK or reflection mechanism.

get a list of objects in an existing eSpace using a SDK or reflection mechanism.


I wonder if there is any way to get a list of objects in an existing eSpace?
The objective is the following: Use a tool for quality control, ie, before an application goes into production it is necessary to verify that the nomenclature rules are correct. With this information you can store in a database and create a repository of existing objects, preventing multiple teams to create functions for the same purposes in different projects.

Our organization develops internal software and is intended to maximize reuse by different teams. Thus before creating a user action, for example, a developer do a search to see if something similar already exists in the repository, and if you find something that will do the same then reuse or extend the functionality.

I appreciate the help.
I'm looking for this functionality as well
The component OutDoc in the Forge probably does most of what you want.  It digs into all the code to produce the documentation.  You'll need to create something new that accomplishes what you want but the basic mechanisms are there.  Note that anything looking directly at internals is subject to breaking changes when new releases come out.  Your new component would have those issues also.

Hope this helps,
I'll need to double check, but I don't think OutDoc works anymore after the upgrade to version 9.
Since version 9 isn't in production for most people I assumed version 8 would work.  This does highlight my point about breaking changes in that major version upgrades will probably be non-trivial.  Even if you couldn't publish it, it would still give you an idea of what you would need to implement and you could probably make a decision about whether to do it or not based on some investigation of the component.
OutDoc for version 9 is now available.
I'll check it out, thanks for the update