[FacebookConnect (Facebook Social Graph API)] Discussion

[FacebookConnect (Facebook Social Graph API)] Discussion

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First I would like to congratulate for such a relevant extension. I think it will be very important in the near future.

While trying to upload and the publish the solution on a comunity edition server (still on the 30 day standard trial), I get the following error:

You are trying to Upload or Publish a Solution that was created in a Platform Server with a different License than Platform Server and its Intellectual Property is Protected. You cannot Upload or Publish Solutions with Protected Intellectual Property that were created in Platform Servers with a License different than the Platform Server one.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Luís,

You must access to http://www.outsystems.com/ipp/ and follow the instructions in order to get an ipp-cleaned version of the solution.

I hope this helps!
Yep, i was able to publish it after the IPP thing! 

Hi there,

This extension allows me to publish a specified content in my facebook profile?

I'm trying to do that but so far i was unable to do that...

When i do the facebook login it returns an error!

Have you setup your facebook application? What error message are you getting?

Hi Robert,

Tha only input parameter needed is the URL.. I've already created an facebook app...

I just want to do a button that shares some information directly to facebook. E.G. In the top of this page, there is a button to share the content in facebook.. I just want to implement the same in my website and i'm having some problems to do that... =(


I am having some difficults on testing this example because when I connect to facebook I allwasy receive the same message: "500 - Internal Server Error. 

There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed."

Cam you help me?

Best Regards,
You are recieving this error because you have not setup your facebook application
See reminder note under the Facebook_Demo eSpace "You must first setup Facebook Connect (under the FacebookLoginPage preparation action)"

Once you have setup this component using own facebook application credientials, everything should work just fine.

Test: Pass

Working solution attached.

Hi Robert,

I've tried to download the new version (1.0.6). But the file is empty.

Could you check that for me?

Is this also the way to see his/her own public posts of the logged-in user?

oh bugger, not java...

There is no Java version of this component but there will be a Java version.
Well Done Robert! Great job. 

Worked great in my web app that runs on OutSystems Platform 8. I would add a few coments to guide the developer a little bit better. Also, the user_friends feature was deprecated I believe that now it is only possible to see the friends that are already on the app as well. I didn't nailed down how to make that work though (yet). 

Other than that, saved me a lot of time and work! Thank you so much for sharing this code with the community.