Multi-Tenant User Control

Multi-Tenant User Control

Doing some consulting and testing the Agile Platform as a solution for some of my clients. What I can't seem to find is information on creating a multi-tenant system where the tenant can create and manage their own users. I have a trial version I am trying to test this in but am new to the system so any pointers would be appriciated (the more detailed the better). This is a key item for one of my clients.
James -

I've put together a full framework that handles this exact scenario. Here's the list of functionality it has:

  • Users can sign up on their own with no intervention needed.
  • Users perform their own account management, such as changing registration information and password resets.
  • Users and accounts are separate, so that an account (which represents a client of yours) can have multiple users within it. This is perfect in B2B scenarios. The first user for an account is the administrator for that account and provisions the users for that account.
  • Monthly billing on a per-account basis, with easy hooks to merchant account services.
  • A global administration console that allows you to bulk email customers/users (with a WYSIWYG email editor) to send system updates, directly edit account settings and overrides, manually bill customers, and login as a customer without requiring their password for support purposes.
  • A different set of pages for users who are not logged in, so that they can be shown why they should sign up for the application.
  • A "zero deletion" policy regarding data, things are always marked as "inactive" for auditing purposes.
  • I would be glad to answer any questions about implementing point-by-point pieces of it. I also sell it as a complete package (including support/training) for a very reasonable rate.

    - Justin

    Thanks Justin,

    this is exactly what I am looking for, do you have an example available on the web that I could look at? Also, would you be able to send the source for the framework as I would like to be able to present it to my clients.

    Finally, if you could send me your contact details and rates I would like to be able to present this as a full package to my clients and offer them your contact details for assistance.

    Thanks in advance.
    James -

    You can take a look at it in action here:

    The Rat Catcher application was actually the original basis for the framework.

    I will gladly do a screen share with you and your clients as needed, of course, but the source code itself *is* the entire framework, so I cannot send it out without a purchase, sorry! If the IPP system in Agile Platforms offered better protection, I would gladly provided the source.

    - Justin