[OutSystems Data Grid] how to get selected value from Filter option
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i have some different requirement.we are generating Data and displaying the data in datagrid reactive and displaying the data in highchart.but user can deselect data from filter option and when user deselect any data that time that data will not come in to the chart.is it possible,


We have the same issue. It would be great if this would be implemented!

Hi! I'm also facing the same problem, it would be of great help if it were implemented.
2020-08-05 09-00-16
Gabriel Lundgren


Thanks for bringing this subject to the discussion.

Unfortunately, as of now, there is no plan to add this to our backlog. 

However, there is a workaround for this specific case. In attachment, you can find a sample OML with this implementation.

The code can be found on a Javascript node inside the client action.

Please bear in mind that we didn't make all the necessary tests to ensure that it will work on all cases.

Please let us know if this helps.


Best regards,

Gabriel Lundgren


yes we are getting the value but the problem when user is clicking the filter button then filter option will open and if user select/deselect some value from filter  option at that time i have to populate the chart.so when when user is selecting/deselecting the value from filter option i am not getting the selected value.

2020-08-05 09-00-16
Gabriel Lundgren

Just to be clear, you want to get the filter values as soon as they are selected/deselected?

2020-08-05 09-00-16
Gabriel Lundgren

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Our provider does not offer any way to achieve what you want. We only have access to the filter values list once we click apply.

The only way to do this is by doing what I showed or by listening to our OnFilterChange event. You can update the Chart's data source on our event.

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