[Case Management framework] Is there a way to set a reminder for an activity that is about to expire (SLA)?
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In the documentation I found this approach about about the expired SLA to send an email to Group or to the assigned user.


And I would like to do something similar to send an email reminder when activities are about to expire. Is there any place to set this information?

As I didn't find it in the documentation, I tried to implement this manually.

Creating an aggregate to get activity logs and tried using these two actions from CMProcessEventCS and CaseServices_API

But nothing happen and none record is created in the table ActivityEvents.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Leandro,

Have you considered using a Wait activity?

If your activity has a Due Date, you can get it and set the timeout of the Wait Activity based on that Due Date. 

For instance, if you want to notify the user 1 day before the Due Date's activity is met, you can set the timeout to:


You can also use any other date if it fits your purpose.

The Wait Activity will wait for that date, and then the flow will proceed.


Hi Pedro,

I'll try this approach, thank you.

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