Version 6, Community Edition after 30 days

Version 6, Community Edition after 30 days

I have just reached the 30 days limit.
What happens now?
I read on a post that after the 30 days the 300.000 SUS 30 days community edition would automaticaly revert to a 30.000 SUS.
I have disabled e-spaces and went to around 20.000 SUS. No way.
It keeps saying that I need to upgrade.

How to go on ?

You'll need to order a free Community license, that will have those talked 30.000 software units:

Hi Orlando,

As André said you will have to order the free Community Edition.

You can also access to the order page from Service Studio, by clicking in the green "Upgrade Now" button.

Why does it take so long for the community license to be issued? I requested a license 10 days ago and have yet to recieve it. Why the long delay?
strange indeed.

I got it within 10minutes.
Did you check your spambox?

I suggest to mail support or something similar.
Thanks, I will check with support. This is the email I recieved on 8/1 and 8/8 with no attachment
hi i downloaded version 6.0 yesterday and installed it this morning.after installing ,when i run service studio  i am still given community edition license .i am supposed to be given a standard 300 license trial for 30 days if iam not mistaken .i tried runnig ser vice studio with my broadband internet on ND STILL THE STANDARD 300 license trial is not active ,it automatically sitches to community even in service serial no is NPO-A3M-KR6-MHG-RGY-MIS-UKY-GTS and activation n0 is help will be appreciated.
Hi Ibekwe,

From your report, it appears that Service Studio was unable to request the 30 day trial for your server.
Please recheck your internet connection. Check if you can access and run Service Studio.

If the problem persists, please contact so we can issue you the trial license for you.