[CKEditor.Reactive] New lines getting added on enter - autoParagraph issue
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I am making this post, to report an issue that i found with the latter versions (1.0.8-1.0.9) of the widget. The auto Paragraph configuration seems to have been deprecated as it does not seem to function correctly anymore. I've had to start using an earlier version to solve the issue (1.0.5)

This is my current configuration:

['Bold','Underline', 'Italic', 'NumberedList','BulletedList']
enterMode: 2,
shiftEnterMode: 1,
autoParagraph: false


If someone knows how to have the autoParagraph working in the newer version, even if it is by using some other configuration that would be appreciated

Hi Iuri, You already found a solution?
This is my config:

autoParagraph: false,
allowedContent: true,
fillEmptyBlocks: false,
basicEntities: false,
enterMode: 2,
shiftEnterMode: 1,

But this results still in a extra break (empty DIV)
luuk<br />


BR Luuk
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